Sunday, 9 September 2012

Coconut Pudding (Haupia)

I had to make a dessert for a BBQ. I was wondering what would be really light and refreshing? And then I found a can of coconut milk in my pantry :)
Sooo, what's better than a Hawaian tropical delight (Haupia)? I've read a lot of different recipes about this, so here is my spin on it.

Serves 4


- 1 can (400ml) coconut milk
- 1/3 cup sugar
- 6tbs cornflour
- a pinch of salt

- Pour 1/3 of the coconut milk in a bowl, add the cornflour and whisk until smooth and creamy.
- Place a sauce pan over a medium high heat, pour in the rest of the coconut milk, along with the sugar. Stir until the sugar has completely dissolved.
- Add the cornflour mixture and salt, and whisk for about 5min or until it's thick and creamy.
- Pour into serving glasses, and let it cool for a few minutes. Then put it in the fridge overnight to set.
- Enjoy!

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